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201 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Esther (I3532)
202 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Jane (I3533)
203 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Eliza (I3534)
204 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Selina (I3535)
205 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Jonathan (I3539)
206 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Clara (I3603)
207 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Sarah (I3692)
208 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Daniel (I3693)
209 Impossible date for son James Battye Died 1757 Family F1248
210 In 1861, she is listed as Nanney Bell, in 1871 as Nancy, in 1881 as Mary,in 1891 Census as Ann.

In 1881, she is living with daughter Mary and grandson John. I believe,however, that John is the son of her other daughter Jane Bell who isn'tpresent on the night of the census. She is listed as a widow

Also in the home are unmarried lodgers William ROSSALL, 38 born Thornton,Lancashire, Labourer
and George KIBBY, 23, Lpool, Lancashire, Labourer.

In 1891 Census she is living at the home of her now married daughter MaryGalloway and her husband Edward Galloway, grandchildren William, Mary andMildred, son Benjamin, daughter Jane and Jane's daughter Mary.

Possible death registrations in Free BMD March 1895, W. Derby, 8b, 504
Dec 1891 Bell Nanny 64 W.Derby 8b 363 
STUBBS, Nanny (I1361)
211 In 1871 Benjamin's year of birth is given as 1853, which is two yearsolder. He is living in the home of Robert Gate, born Bromfield about1813, his son Robert Gate born Wigton about 1848, Susannah Gate born 1843in Wigton and fellow servants Bridgett A Scott, born 1853 Torpenhow,Cumberland, and John Harrison, 1843, Westward, Cumberland

Possible Death Registration
Sept 1891 Bell, Benjamin, age 37, liverpool, 8b 110

Possible birth registration on IGI (Batch # C043091 1754 - 1877 0090574Film 6900604 Film)
20 MAY 1854 Bromfield, Cumberland, England Parents John Bell and Nanny

possible marriage registration:
Sept 1870 Benjamin Bell, w. derby, 8b, 670 (Margaret Ann Leigh)

Sept 1876 Benjamin Bell w. Derby 8b, 501 
BELL, Benjamin (I1363)
212 In Births Registered (1837online.com) she was registered as Martha Alice CROSLAND.
Qtr 3 1863 District Huddersfield Vol 9a Page 257 
CROSLAND, Martha Alice (I43)
213 In Memory of
Battery Serjeant Major (WO.II) H H NAYLOR
225th Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery who died on Wednesday, 17th October 1917. Remembered with honour HAZEBROUCK COMMUNAL CEMETERY, Nord, France.

From October, 1914, to September, 1917, Casualty Clearing Stations were posted at Hazebrouck. From September, 1917, to September, 1918, enemy shelling and bombing rendered the town unsafe for hospitals; but in September and October, 1918, No.9 British Red Cross Hospital was in the town. The British burials began in October, 1914, and continued until July, 1918. 
NAYLOR, Sergeant Major Herbert Hirst (I1099)
214 In presence of
J Matthews (assume father)
Emily Matthews (assume Mother -Jane's sister would be too young) 
Family F27
215 In the 1861 Census, Mary is listed as just 2 weeks old, putting herbirthday at about March 26 as the census was taken April 7 that year.

In the 1901 Census, there is a Margaret Bell living with the family,listed as niece. She is single, 22, and works as a confectioner'sassistant. She was born in Liverpool. As her name is Bell, she ispresumably the child of a brother of Mary's, possibly Benjamin's, thoughshe could conceivably be an older child of Mary's sister Jane.

Possible IGI birth batch # C046451
Mary Elizabeth Bel14 SEP 1862 Cleator, Cumberland, England parents JohnBell and Ann

possible birth
march 1862
BELL Mary Wigton 10b 456
march 1861
Bell Mary Wigton 10b 429 
BELL, Mary (I1362)
216 In the presence of Joseph Millburn and Mary Harrison. Family F375
217 Index Q3 1850 22/285 Family F248
218 Informant A Allman (Agnes Dunmore) DUNMORE, Joseph (I1192)
219 Informant F. E Lovell MARSDEN, Annie (I880)
220 Information on Alice Emily Walter comes from the research posted on theinternet at http://www.weburbia.demon.co.uk/genealogy

Born Emily Walter 
WALTER, Alice Emily (I1340)
221 Information she was the illigitimate daughter of martha from Geoff Ellis CARTWRIGHT, Sarah (I3692)
222 Interestingly, the words His Wife as they appear after her name, arecrossed out ROBERTSON, Jane (I2506)
223 Is Mary Ann her mother? There is amarriage of Jonathan Cartwright to either Martha Crooks or jane Reed in 1854.
A martha Cartwright died in 1860 and a Jane Cartwright died in 1859 
CARTWRIGHT, Margaret (I3680)
224 Is the record of the same John Haighe death a few days after being baptized.

March 1615-16
8180. John Haighe son of Edward Haighe was baptized the xxiiij day.
March 1616
8182. John Haighe was buried the xxvi day. 
HAIGHE, John (I149)
225 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1273)
226 Jane BATES, wife of John of Smith Milne BROWNE, Jane (I313)
227 Jane Frances Matthews's mother based on 2nd witness at John Cottle / Jane Matthews wedding. Jane's sister Emily would be too young (MATTHEWS), Emily (I1171)
228 Jane Lachs Note: Could be her maiden name or she married a GODDARD after 1881

She is referred to as "Rachel Crosland formarly Lane" on her daughter's birth certificate

Could not find Marriage between 1860-1863 
LANE, Rachel (I44)
229 John Bell went by Jack. He visited his sister and her family in Canadajust before the start of WWI as he is pictured with his brother-in-lawWilliam John Blackmore who is dressed in his Black Watch uniform.

Possible birth registration
Sept 1874
Bell John Andrew Liverpool 8b 24

Possible 1891 census
John Bell Age: 28 Estimated birth year: abt 1873 Relation: Crew on the"Thursby" born: Birkenhead, Lancashire, England Ecclesiatical parish:Penwortham St Mary Town: Preston Dock County/Island: Lancashire Country:RG13/3955

Possible Marriage
BELL John Haslingden 8e 182 
BELL, John (I1298)
230 John is not with the rest of the family in the 1861 census

Possible death registration

dec 1901
cottle, john, 55, bath, 5c, 304

Dec 1894
Cottle John 46 Bath 5c 356 (age off a few years)

june 1870 john cottle, bradford wilts 5a, 217 (spouse Mary Ann

Possible listing in 1881 Census:
26 Corn St, Bath St. James
John Cottle, 37, painter, Bath
Betsy, 37, Manchester, William, 10, Bath, Elizabeth (17, or 7?) Bath,Frederick G., 2, Bath

No 6 Stambridge, Batheaston
John Cottle, 36, Carpenter Journeyman, Bath, Mary A Cottle, 35,Batheaston, Marketwoman, William, 10, Batheaston, Mary M., 1, Batheaston

possible marriage 1872 Apr-Jun Hackney, Middlesex 1b p616 to Jane Matthews

1881 Census as a Tavern Waiter in Somers Town St Pancras, Ed 5b Folio6P6, with wife Jane (Matthews) and children John b 1875, Minnie b 1877 andJessie b1879. 
COTTLE, John (I78)
231 John's second wife, according to his neice, Evelyn Coleman NANCY (I1304)
232 Jonathan Marsden present CLAYTON, Harriet (I1105)
233 Joseph Marsden in attendance TURNER, Jonathan (I876)
234 Jun 1875 Huddersfield 9a 313 NAYLOR, John Eli (I1101)
235 Just named William Rutter on Matthews Rutter marriage certificate.
Seems to call himself Isaac on all censuses 
RUTTER, William Issac (I3338)
236 Kathleen Marsden's Grandfather?
Annie father is given as "Johnathan" (Jonathan?) on envelope 
MARSDEN, James (I282)
237 Kathleen Marsden's mother? MARSDEN, Annie (I287)
238 Killed during WWI HEWETT, Henry Charles Thomas (I3286)
239 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MILLER, Frances (I7)
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GURDEN, Mark (I3)
241 Likely marriage listing in Free BMD for December 1879, Liverpool, 8b, 82 Family F401
242 Listed as Blackman in the 1861 census

Listed as Blakemore in ? census
Possible listing in 1871: Henry Blackmore abt 1850 Bath, Somerset,England Lodger St Anne Soho London

At time of his marriage in 1872 his address is listed as Mitchell Street,Holborn.

On the 1881 Census he is living at 163 High Holborn, Holborn.

On the death registration for his daughter Emily, who died December 3,1883, the address for the family is listed at 46 Marchmont Street,subdistrict of St. George Bloomsbury, registration district of St. Giles,County of Middlesex.

On the 1891 Census he is listed as H. Blackmore and he and youngest sonWilliam are visitors in the home of Ed Joyce, 39, Cabman, groom, born Bath
Wife possible Edith, 42, laundress, wash, born Bath
Emily 13, William 7 both born Bath

possible birth registration
June 1853 Blackmore Henry Torrington 5b 490
March 1852 Blackmore Henry George Bath 5c 734 
BLACKMORE, Henry Charles (I1274)
243 Listed as Blakemore on ?

possible marriage
march 1880
Blackmore John Bath 5c 889
Priscilla Reeves or Ellen Francis Bailey 
BLACKMORE, John (I1394)
244 Listed as illegitimate on death certificate
Died at 11 North Street Bathgate, cause Meningitis, death registered bymother, Ann Myers, ? in glass works 
MYERS, Robert (I1442)
245 Listed as Maggie on Registration of Marriage SIMPSON, Margaret (I1437)
246 Listed as Nelly on Baptism HEWETT, Ellen Louisa (I3291)
247 Listed in various census and BMD records as John or Charles withprofession as labourer or butcher.

Possible 1881
John Charles Cottle (listed as Charles), 1819, Willow Cottage, Bathwick,Somerset, England
Eliza Cottle, 1821, bath
Neice Eliza Carpenter, 1871, bath

possible death
Mar 1880 death
Cottle John Charles 62 Bath 5c 498 
COTTLE, John Charles (I1170)
248 Literate CARTWRIGHT, Benjamin (I874)
249 Lived at 'Hadeynge' (presumably Hade Edge) in 1866 (sic 1686?) and Longley in 1867 (sic 1687?) CARTWRIGHT, William (I3480)
250 Lived at Cinderhill in 1690/1 and at Hilltop in 1692/3 CARTWRIGHT, Daniel (I3479)

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