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151 Dec 1854 Huddersfield 9a 384 Family F308
152 Dec 1874 Huddersfield 9a 372 HOYLE, Miriam (I1087)
153 Described as an imbecile in the various censuses, Arthus actually sufferred from spinabifada CARTWRIGHT, Arthur (I3557)
154 Did Grace die and William re-marry Elizabeth Firth in 1685 so Susanna and William are Elizabeth's children? CARTWRIGHT, William (I3480)
155 Did he die as the source has another child named Joshia baptised in 1707 CARTWRIGHT, Joshua (I3489)
156 Did he die as there is a later son also called Josuah? CARTWRIGHT, Josuah (I3485)
157 Did he marry Anne Ellis in 1704? CARTWRIGHT, Josuah (I3832)
158 Died aged 3 months MARSDEN, Harriet (I4128)
159 Died as a baby GILL, Sydney (I518)
160 died as an infant MCQUEEN, Georgina (I3304)
161 Died at age 6, sudden terminal congestion of the brain when suffereingfrom ? scarlet fever. Death certificate was forwarded by George DanfordThomas, Cororner for Middlesex after the inquest was held on 6 Dec 1883

birth registration
Sept. 1877
BLACKMORE Emily Jessie St. Giles 1b 601 
BLACKMORE, Emily Jessie (I1279)
162 Died in infancy aged 16 months MARSDEN, Joshua (I1129)
163 Discovered from article in Journal of the Huddersfield & District Family History Society April 2014
Source Type: Newspaper article 
Source (S453)
164 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F388
165 DOB given as 14 July 1890 on Death Certificate DUNMORE, Alfred (I941)
166 Due to some unknown family disagreement Dyson Haigh (assume around 1920) took over the family plastering business by taking the books. Subsequent communications between the two family goroups was limited. HAIGH, Dyson (I27)
167 Dyson Joseph, grocer and draper (From Baines) DYSON, Joseph (I329)
168 Eliza is not with the rest of the family in the 1861 census

marriage registration
Sept 1869
Cottle Eliza St. Giles 1b 775

possible birth
Mar 1849
Cottell Eliza Bath 11 _7
June 1852
Cottle Elizabeth Bath 5c 7[35][35] 
COTTLE, Eliza (I1302)
169 Emigrated to Australia on the vessel "Mermaid" 1855 BATTYE, William (I850)
170 Emma signed the register with a mark GURDEN, Mark (I4)
171 Entry No. 1449; David Stubbs of Abbeytown; was buried on 31 January 1854;aged 30years STUBBS, David (I1406)
172 Entry No. 147; 06 October; David Stubbs; of full age; bachelor; alabourer of Applegarth; father; John Stubbs; farmer; married MaryGlaister; of full age; spinster; (no occupation given) of Abbeytown;father William Glaister a mariner by licence in the presence of Johnharrison; Mary Stubbs; Family F409
173 Entry No. 2580; 28 April 1850; John son of David & Mary Stubbs ofAbbeytown; a labourer STUBBS, John (I1409)
174 Entry No. 2672; 18 April 1852; William son of David & Mary Stubbs ofAbbeytown; a labourer

Entry No. 1415; William Stubbs of Abbeytown; was buried on 02 May 1852;aged 1month 
STUBBS, William (I1410)
175 Entry No. 2723; 08 June 1853; Ann dau of David & Mary Stubbs ofAbbeytown; a labourer STUBBS, Ann (I1411)
176 Evelyn Blackmore was a flower girl at the wedding. She remembers that herfather gave Bill and Lil an etched console mirror custom made by aToronto glass factory. Family F379
177 First name appears to be Gwin or maybe Gavin? it is illegible on marriagecertificate BOGUE, ? (I1432)
178 Firth cartwright must have been missed in 1901, Hannah is denoted as married and he didn't die until 1910 in the wakefield Registration District. Family F1139
179 Found some Cumberland BMD records that list a John Bell, born about 1825,father Benjamin Bell

Married Nanny Stubbs on January 25, 1845 in the presence of JosephMillburn and Mary Harrison

Possible Death
Bell, John
Record Type: Deaths
Age at death: 61
Quarter: June
Year: 1871
District: Wigton
County: Cumbria Cumberland
Volume: 10b
Page: 332 (click to see others on page) 
BELL, John (I1364)
180 Fred Haigh 25 bach. cloth weaver, of Cliff of Shepley, father
Asa H.
blacksmith AND
Lily Naylor 25 spinst., of Stocksmoor, father Joseph Benjamin
N., tailor
both signed, by Banns, witn. include Matikda Naylor 
Family F93
181 From the 'Marsden' website www.marsdens-ons.co.uk
Esatea 229 Probate 408 
Source (S30)
182 G Miller Widow presnt at death MILLER, Henry (I883)
183 had numerous children baptised or buried as infants at HAIGH, Joseph Snr (I73)
184 He is listed as deceased on the marriage registration of his son, George.The marriage took place on September 13, 1897. ADAMS, George (I1332)
185 He was a Private in the army in France(1915-1917). NAYLOR, William (I1103)
186 Helen was married previous to marrying John Easton and a source reportsshe was divorced and had "quite a few children" from first marriage. ALLAN, Helen Spence Gilmour (I2975)
187 Her son George William Walter was the informant on her death certificate.She as living at 30 Parkhurst Road at the time of her death at the age of88. DAY, Mary (I1335)
188 Her surname may be Howard, Heward, Hewood, Heywood or Eward. HEYWOOD, Lydia (I1015)
189 His address at time of marriage in 1893 was listed on the certificate as2 Hastings Street. He was 20 at time of marriage

Death details found on Death Notification card sent by undertakers to hisson, Fred, in NY. Cards were passed on to me by Fred's daughter, MarylynCorey.

Possible birth listing on Free BMD for a George Edwin Walter 1873Holborn 1b 748

May have been living at Wood Green, London at time of his mother's death.He was the informant on her death certificate. (source Peggy Gibbs) 
WALTER, George Edward (I1281)
190 His son's Mark Birth Certificate gives occupation as

Chair Maker "ex Private 21st Manchester Regiment" 
GURDEN, Mark (I4)
191 http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=DQEIAAAAQAAJ
Source Type: Book 
Source (S365)
192 http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/a/t/John-B-Battye/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0075.html Source (S440)
193 Huddersfield 9a 351 Mar 1898 Family F304
194 Huddersfield 9a 383 Family F103
195 Huddersfield 9a 383 Family F280
196 Huddersfield 9a 408 Family F279
197 Huddersfield 9a 437 Family F318
198 IGI Source (S74)
199 IGI gives place of birth as "Holforth, Lancashire, England" Family F266
200 Illegitimate CARTWRIGHT, Catherine (I1254)

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