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1451 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible Birth Registration
June 1900
Speed Mildred Frances Epping 4a 460 
SPEED, Mildred F. (I2835)
1452 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible birth registration
Mar 1841
Tolladay James Frederick Shoreditch 2 421 or 429 
TOLLIDAY, James (I2883)
1453 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible birth registration
March 1892
Albert Edward W. Ham 4a 295

Possible marriage
March 1914
Stephenson Henrietta E Rayner Hackney 1b 625 
RAYNER, Albert (I2868)
1454 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible birth registration
Sept 1845
Tolladay Sarah Ann Shoreditch 2 426 
TOLLIDAY, Sarah Ann (I2885)
1455 [Rayner.FTW]

possible death
Sept 1881
Monk Louisa 0 Bethnal Green 1c 180

1881 Census RG11 0286 / 107 Page Number 31 --2 Vict Cottage Chapel Rd,London, Middlesex
Thomas Monk, St Newington, Middlesex, Age 37, Carpenter House, Eliza,born Hertford, age 36, Robert 11, born Regent's Park Middlesex, Alfred 4,Stam Hill Hackney, Louisa 5m, Stam Hill Hackney,

Monk Eliza 44 Hackney, West Hackney RG12-0191 page 187
Monk Thomas 41 Hackney, West Hackney RG12-0191
Monk Robert 21 Hackney, West Hackney RG12-0191
Monk Alfred 14 Hackney, West Hackney RG12-0191
Monk Louisa 10 Hackney, West Hackney RG12-0191
Monk Ada <<...>> 7 Hackney, West Hackney RG12-0191 
MONK, Louisa (I2845)
1456 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible Death Registration
Sept. 1891
Speed Esther 57 Islington 1b 150

possible 1851 Census
Whiffin Thomas 46 Head Labourer Deptford, ? Queen Court, Greenwich
Whiffin Esther 15 Daughter ? Deptford, ? Queen Court, Greenwich
Whiffin Thomas 10 Son ? Deptford, ? Queen Court, Greenwich 
ESTHER (I2838)
1457 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible marriage
11 NOV 1822 Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England to Frances Bright

Possible death
June 1879
Robert Monk, 79, Hackney, 1b, 291

Possible 1841 Census
Watling Street, Thaxted, Dunmow, Essex
Rob Monk, 40, occupation looks like Tailor, born Essex

1851 Census
Monk Robert S 50 Hackney, Stoke Newington 1 - Stamford Hill 2 H1071503
Monk Frances 49 Hackney, Stoke Newington 1 - Stamford Hill 2 H1071503
Monk Thomas W 7 Hackney, Stoke Newington 1 - Stamford Hill 2 H1071503 
MONK, Robert (I2874)
1458 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible Marriage
Dec 1865
Speed James Able Shoreditch 1c 298
WHIFFIN Esther Shoreditch 1c 298

Possible 1841 listing
Near Newhouse, Morton, Essex, John Speed, 35, Ag. Lab. Sarah, 30, James7, Ann, 5, John 3, Mary 2, George 5 mon.

1901 Census Islington SE, piece number 195, page number 86b
James A. Speed, 69, Mary A. Speed, 54, George Speed, 32
if this is the right family, James has remarried

Possible remarriage
Sept 1892
SPEED James Holborn 1b 1319
Pound Mary Ann Holborn 1b 1319 
SPEED, James A. (I2837)
1459 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible marriage
Dec 1907
Emily Rayner, W.Ham, 4a, 457, to either William Henry Mole or joseph moore
June 1912
Spackman Arthur P Rayner Islington 1b 429 
RAYNER, Emily Henriette (I2867)
1460 [Rayner.FTW]

possible marriage
Rayner, John 1884 December Marriages Shoreditch London Middlesex to SarahHampshire
Sept 1881
John Raynor, Sarah Colebeck, London C, 1c, 99

1881 Census:
2 Hanley Rd, St Mary, London, England
Amy Hartmann abt 1874 Hastings Daughter
Mary Hartmann abt 1855 Trampinton, Cambridgeshire, England Wife
Samuel Hartmann abt 1833 (F), Germany Head, Boot & Shoe Warehouseman
John Rayner abt 1858 Arsley, Bedfordshire, England Brother in Law, Boot& Shoe Warehouseman
Nelly Ruddell abt 1867 Haverstock Hill, Middlesex, England Visitor

John is listed as unmarried, so his "brother-in-law" status to theHartmanns could be through Mary..could she be John's sister, Maria? 
RAYNER, John E. (I2860)
1461 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible Marriage Registration
March 1888
SPEED George James St Saviour 1d 13

1901 Census Islington SE, piece number 195, page number 86b
James A. Speed, 69, Mary A. Speed, 54, George Speed, 32
if this is the right family, James has remarried 
SPEED, George (I2839)
1462 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible marriage registration
June 1860
TOLLADY William John Hackney 1B 469

Possible 1871 census
Tolladay William A 33 Shoreditch, Haggerston West RG10-0461
Tolladay Ann A 23 Shoreditch, Haggerston West RG10-0461
Tolladay William A 4 Shoreditch, Haggerston West RG10-0461
Tolladay Edith A 3 M Shoreditch, Haggerston West RG10-0461

William Tolladay 1871 age 33, painter and house decorator 25harman St,Shoreditch

1881 census
Dwelling 16 Ware Street Census Place London, Middlesex, England FamilyHistory Library Film 1341087 Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece /Folio 0401 / 55 Page Number 11
William TOLLIDAY Head M Male 42 St Lukes, Middlesex, England House Painter
Anne TOLLIDAY Wife M Female 32 St Lukes, Middlesex, England
William TOLLIDAY Son Male 13 Hoxton, Middlesex, England
Edith Alice TOLLIDAY Daur Female 10 Hoxton, Middlesex, England
Frederick TOLLIDAY Son Male 5 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Eliza Anne TOLLIDAY Daur Female 1 Kingsland, Middlesex, England 
TOLLIDAY, William (I2882)
1463 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible marriage registration
Sept. 1902
Tolliday Henry Nathaniel Holborn 1b 1435 married either ShurySarah Jane Holborn 1b 1435 or Daly Bridget Holborn 1b 1435 
TOLLIDAY, Henry Nathaniel (I2863)
1464 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible Marriage Registration
Tolliday, Frederick Charles 1902 June Marriages Shoreditch LondonMiddlesex 
TOLLIDAY, Frederick (I2865)
1465 [Rayner.FTW]

Possible marriage registration for James Henry Speed and Emily SumpterJune 1894, Lambeth, 1d, 540

Possible 1881 Census reference to James Speed and family: RG11 0296 / 38
Page Number 37 -- 32 Florefield Rd, London
James A. Speed, 48, Kent, Blacksmiths labourer, Esther Speed, 47,Bermondsey, James H. Speed, 14, Islington, telegraph messenger, GeorgeSpeed 12 born islington, Charles Speed 10 born Haggerstone Middlesex 
SPEED, James Henry (I2832)
1466 [Rayner.FTW]

Witnesses were Emily Henry and Alfred Monk, the bride's father 
Family F891
1467 [Rayner.FTW]

Witnesses were Henry Tolliday and Sarah Ann Tolliday, Ada's older brotherand sister. 
Family F890
1468 [samuels[1].FTW]

1875: Couldn't write
1876: Signs marriage certificate 
MARSHALL, Annie (I3034)
1469 [samuels[1].FTW]

1881: Living with her (great?) aunt. Known as Euphemia Marshall
1891: Living with her 2nd step father as domestic servant 
SAMUEL, Euphemia (I3031)
1470 [samuels[1].FTW]

1885: Value of estate 433 16s 2d
1871: Alexander Dick (baker 32) visitor (census) 
SAMUEL, James (I2898)
1471 [samuels[1].FTW]

1901: Living with her grandfather & mother's half siblings
1931: June & Aug visits George Adamson at Quarriers Homes 
ADAMSON, Isabella Binnie (I3029)
1472 [samuels[1].FTW]

Listed on the Quarries admission form, resident in Australia 
?BROWN?, Arthur (I3021)

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